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The playful shapes in cheerful colors are designed to uplift your spirit with every glance you take. The entire design is hand-embroidered in countless tiny stitches made over many, many hours. The sheen of the threads in statin and chain stitches against the matte background fabrics are luminous and textural.

Hand-embroidery. Fine cotton floss. Cotton and cotton blend fabrics. Artwork is 7" x 5", matted in a 15" x 12" frame.

⁠$500.  From August 19 through October 1, 2023, "Happy" can be viewed at the Falls Church Arts Gallery in Falls Church, Virginia and be purchased at here.

Stop Hate

Saddened by the increase in violence against Asians and Asian-Americans as a scapegoat for the COVID-19 pandemic, Debra wanted to portray the anxiety, fear and stress that insidious and targeted hate can impose. Hate in any form affects all of us regardless of whether it is from personal experience or from distant events reported in the news or on social media.

⁠⁠Hand-embroidery. Fine cotton floss thread. Hand-dyed linen fabric. Painted bamboo frame. Artwork is about 5" in diameter. Includes a tabletop stand.

$250 plus shipping


We Are Individuals, Not Sterotypes

The duality of Asian stereotypes -- the successful, hardworking and harmony-seeking "Model Minority" and the threatening "Yellow Peril" attributed to the Chinese in the 19th Century are two recurring stereotypes in U.S. history.

Model minority is a myth that often renders Asian Americans invisible when help may be needed. Yellow peril scapegoat the Chinese in the U.S. repeatedly for economic hardships.

Fueled by "Chinese virus" rhetoric, yellow peril sentiment resurfaced during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Racial slurs and physical violence incidents against Asian Americans have increased dramatically and have not stopped.

Hand-embroidery. Fine cotton floss thread. Linen fabric. Cotton applique. Painted bamboo frame. Artwork is about 5" in diameter. Includes a tabletop stand.

$250 plus shipping

Why Perpetual Foreigners?

In the 1850s, white workers' frustrations with economic distress, labor market uncertainty, and capitalist exploitation turned into anti-Chinese sentiment and racist attacks against the Chinese. The Chinese were racialized as the inferior, alien, and unassimilated "other" -- an ethnic group judged to be perpetual foreigners.

⁠During the 20th Century, Chinese and other Asians assimilated successfully into American culture, raised U.S.A.-born children, and in the 1960s were labeled the "model minority."

⁠Yet, the COVID-19 virus of the 2020s has driven racism and violence against those who are or thought to be Chinese, treating Chinese and other Asians as foreigners and scapegoats for the coronavirus pandemic.

⁠When will Asian Americans be accepted fully in their U.S.A. homeland?

Hand-embroidery. Fine cotton floss. Cotton fabric. Artwork is about 6" in diameter. Includes a tabletop stand.

⁠$300 plus shipping

Blocks on Blocks

⁠For a study in using one shape and a combination of color saturations, Debra began with threads in a narrow value range but with hue and saturation broadly represented. She was unhappy with the overall effect as being flat and the center shape as the focus. So she repeated the same right-angled shape in a darker value thread. This added more depth and movement for a harmonious and balanced composition.

⁠Hand-knit and -embroidered. 100% mercerized cotton floss thread. Artwork is 6" x 6" and 13" x 13" framed (purplish/black). Hang in cool, dry place.

⁠$250 plus shipping

⁠Interconnected Purse

One triangle interconnects with another, then another, and another in this modern motif. Each triangle influences the shape of each one it connects with. Just as a person influences and shapes another, then another, and so on throughout their life. 

Hand-embroidered motif. Hand and machine sewn. Cotton canvas. Metal top zipper. Leather shoulder-length handles. Two exterior pockets. Four interior pockets. Cotton lining. Flat bottom. Soil resistent treated exterior. Spot clean if needed. Measures 17-1/2” w x 7-3/4” h x 4-1/2” d with an 8” handle drop.

$250 plus shipping

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